Keep it Simple with Red Lips

December 20, 2010

Check out this fun pic of Elle Johnson that I took earlier this year!

Ellen Johnson is an amazing TV writer who is currently working on The Glades and other cool upcoming shows. I had the pleasure of meeting her while I was working on the TV show, Saving Grace. Elle decided that it was time for her to update her publicity pictures…so that’s exactly what we did!

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Angela Kinsey on the Red Carpet

September 3, 2010

The Emmy Awards were this past Sunday, and Angela Kinsey looked gorgeous!

I swear every year gets better and better!

The man that’s in the picture with me below, is Theodore Leaf. Theodore does Angela’s hair and we really make a great team. Teamwork is key to me in the business, and on days like the Emmy’s, I actually prefer to work with the hair stylist at the same time so the look comes to life all at once!

Tip of the week: Concealer: Blend, Blend, Blend!

I am a total blender! Blending is the key to perfect color match! You never want it to be obvious that someone has concealer on.

Here are my steps to flawless skin:

  • First I fill my airbrush with TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation #004 and #006.
  • Then I spray some of the foundation onto my palette, to mix it with my concealer – this gets me the closest color match possible
  • Next, I apply the concealer where it’s needed and I blend it out to make sure there are no brush strokes (everything shows up on HD!)
  • Once I’m done concealing, I airbrush the foundation
  • To complete the look, I dusted TEMPTU PRO Invisible Difference Powder ONE and perfecto!

Amazing, flawless skin!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Till next week!    Kristina Duff – Guest Blogger and Hollywood Makeup Artist

Lips in a Pinch

August 18, 2010

With New York Fashion Week fast approaching, I was reviewing some of the looks we did last season and comparing the products used at these shows. At two of our shows last season, Alex Casertano and Caroline Seikaly the look called for stained lips. The designers wanted the models to look as though they had been sipping red wine before stepping out on the runway. How did we achieve this look? Not with a traditional lip stain!  For both shows we used our Violet Adjuster (S/B #35) by dabbing a few drops on the lips and then adding a thin layer of Rosebud salve on top for a bit of shine. Artists have also used our new blush shade, Raspberry (#47) and our highlighter Champagne Shimmer (#53) as beautiful lip shades as well. The colors will stay on just like a regular lip stain, and you can mix to make your perfect shade!


Steam-Punk Inspired Cyborg

July 9, 2010

Steam-punk is used to describe Victorian sci-fi, similar to character style in City of Lost Children and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The appliance was made with urethane foam from a cast of Cat’s face and a sculpt and mold. I also wired a light up eye to complete the effect.

Step by Step:

  • Secure electronic light up eye over Cat’s with medical tape
  • Apply prosthetic with Telesis 5 adhesive
  • Airbrush appliance with Dura Copper, Silver, Emerald, and Black colors
  • Airbrush Dura Old Bruise around prosthetic onto skin
  • Airbrush S/B Porcelain onto face
  • Airbrush S/B Pink Pearl onto highlight areas
  • Airbrush a mixture of S/B Violet and Pink Pearl onto eyelid, cheek, and lips
  • Finish with S/B Airbrow hand applied and eyeliner pencil
  • Turn on eye light!

Brian Kinney, Guest Blogger & Makeup FX Artist Working in Hollywood

Temptu Pro launches New S/B Blush Colors!

June 2, 2010

TEMPTU PRO is pleased to officially launch our 4 new Blush Shades!

“This Summer blush is a top priority in every professional makeup artist’s kit,” says JP McCary, Vice President of Consumer Sales for Temptu. “Blushes are making a comeback and you want to have variety of color choices to match all skin tones, personalities and occasions. “

The New TEMPTU PRO S/B Blushes were created by the TEMPTU PRO Artist team exclusively for pros with pros in mind.  The demand was so high, our team put together four select shades to round out the TEMPTU PRO S/B collection to go from the palest pink in Nectar to the deepest plum in Raspberry.

This month on TEMPTUPRO.COM artists can take advantage of our Special Offer on these new shades and our new all Blush 8 pack, Click Here to Shop!

TEMPTU on January Jones for Interview Magazine

August 6, 2009

The Spring Look; with David Maderich

March 18, 2008


(article originally published here by


Celebrity Makeup Artist David Maderich, aka Mister Makeup, tells you how to work it!


It’s a new hue this spring.


Yes, I’m talking color. From Paris, to Milan to New York, hot pink cheeks, purple shadowed eyes and tangy tangerine lips were all the rage.


Of course, the colors on the cheeks, lips and eyes were exaggerated for the catwalk, but anyone can wear a splash of color – and quite frankly, after several seasons of boring neutrals, a touch of the color is not only refreshing, but also very modern.


The secret to wearing bright color is to limit it to one feature – or at most two.


For example, if you’re playing up your cheeks with a shade of hot pink, keep the lips and eyes color free. Or if you’re painting up your eyes in a luscious shade of lilac, tone down the lips and cheeks.


If you keep these rules in mind, your color will always look classy – not sassy.


Take a gander at the pictures on this page – I worked my “Mister Makeup” magic on these models at a photo shoot with Roberto Ligresti As on the runway, the color is exaggerated, but I hope my bold use of color will inspire you to toss out that brown eye shadow and beige lip gloss and take a look at the rainbow of colors offered at the cosmetic counters this season.


Still worried about color? Here are some easy tips:


For pale skin: Be careful with color – too much can overwhelm you. Try a rosy pink blush (Avon’s Jillian Dempsey’s For Avon Horizon Blush $10, with a subtle touch of green shadow (Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Shadow in Mint Dream, $7.49) smudged next to your lashes and don’t forget a thick coat of mascared lashes – I love Kanebo International Mascara 38 C ($30) in black. Or try putting just a pinch of sparkling blue cream eye shadow (ELF Blueberry Duo Eye shadow Cream, $1) in the corners of your eyes. Pair those baby blue hued eyes with some hot pink lips – I’m in love with a pink NARS lipstick ($24) called Schiap – and your face will be couture ready!


For darker skins: Add more color. I adore dark purple lips (MAC Pro Paint Stick in Rich Purple, $16) paired with lavender shaded lids – try Avon’s Jillian Dempsey For Avon True Color eye shadow in Ombre ($4). Or add a touch of yellow or orange on the lids – L’Oreal HIP Bright Eye shadow Duos in Flashy and Flare ($12, are perfect for this.


For high-drama evenings: Try a thick stroke of teal eyeliner on dark skins – try Color Truth Cream Liner in Teal ($12, by L’Oreal HIP. Pair your lined eyes with a bright red lipstick – Kanebo’s ‘The Lipstick’ in New Ginza Red ($50, Add a touch of clear Hyper Shine gloss ($1) by ELF and you’re ready to hit the town. Another fun idea is to use colored mascara to add a touch of blue or violet to the eyes. I can’t live without the double wanded Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara by Max Factor in Blushing Blue/Pink Highlighter ($10, – I use it on all of my models.


Of course, you need a good foundation for all this color; and lately I’ve been obsessed with Maybelline New York Mineral Power Powder Foundation ($10.99) for a smooth natural finish. For concealer, S/B Concealer Wheel by Temptu ($19.50 at goes on like a dream and covers anything.


And don’t forget your nails! Of course, dark blue is all the rage with the fashionistas, but try yellow, pink or green by New York Color – and for $1 a bottle, how can you go wrong? For a subtler touch on nails, try Avon’s Nailware ($4.50) in Cantaloupe – a lovely pale shade of pink.


Now go discover your hue you!