Learn Special F/X Makeup Techniques with Jonah Levy this weekend!

April 5, 2011

This Sunday from 12:15 – 1:15 PM at IMATS New York, TEMPTU PRO will be hosting a Special F/X Class taught by zombie master Jonah Levy

Jonah will be using airbrush and traditional techniques to create various special make-up effects.  Using TEMPTU PRO’s Dura Palettes, Inks, and S/B line, he will demonstrate techniques to Read the rest of this entry »


F/X Friday- Lizard Woman at IMATS

July 2, 2010

Last weekend at IMATS I did two at the TEMPTU PRO booth to show simple special effects with beauty showcasing the TEMPTU PRO DURA Metallics, as well as using a range of TEMPTU PRO products from S/B to DURA in palettes and airbrush form.

Lizard Woman – inspired by the 80s television series V. I life casted Kelly’s face and made a small vinyl prosthetic from a sculpt and mold prior to the show.

Step by Step:

  • Apply “lizard eye” contact lens to right eye
  • Apply prosthetic around right eye using Pros-Aide adhesive
  • Airbrush DURA Emerald Green and Teal on lizard portion of prosthetic
  • Airbrush DURA Blush Ivory and Ivory onto “ripped skin” portion of the prosthetic
  • Airbrush S/B Green Adjuster onto eyelid, hand brush up to lash line
  • Hand brush a small amount of S/B Concealer Wheel color mixed with S/B Mixing Medium onto face
  • Airbrush a light S/B Foundation onto face around prosthetic
  • Highlight with airbrushed S/B Pink Pearl
  • Airbrush a mixture of  S/B Nectar and Guava Blush
  • Finish with eyeliner pencil and hand applied lip color.


Stay tuned for next week’s Steam – Punk Inspired Cyborg

Brian Kinney, Guest Blogger & Makeup FX artist working in Hollywood

F/X Friday – Basic Abrasion

May 15, 2010

F/X Fridays is coming to you live from the premiere of TEMPTU LA’s first Special F/X Workshop. Today we covered the basics that should be in every makeup artists’ kit — new and old bruise, cuts & abrasions, burns, and zombie of course!

For this blog installment, I put together a simple step by step for your most basic abrasion. This is a simple wound that you will throw on at a moment’s notice, something every makeup artist should have in their bag of tricks.



Stipple Sponge

99% Alcohol




Stipple on Prime Red from DURA TRAUMA Palette with stipple sponge.


Dip stipple sponge into Ben Nye FRESH SCAB and drag across skin where Prime Red was applied.


Using TEMPTU PRO BRUSH #1, add a bit of Black from TEMPTU PRO TRAUMA palette to FRESH SCAB for depth and grit. Go alongside FRESH SCAB with the brush to add contrast to the blood.

There you have it – a simple abrasion.

– Brian Kinney, Guest Blogger & Makeup FX artist working in Hollywood