Learn Special F/X & Temporary Tattoo application with Dani Fonseca this weekend!

April 6, 2011

We are so excited for IMATS New York!  Not only will we be holding a Special F/X Class taught by Jonah Levy, but our head educator Dani Fonseca will also be teaching a class on Basic F/X and Temporary Tattoos.

The class will be held on the Open Forum Stage this Saturday from 2:45 -3:45 PM.

In this class you’ll learn how to create special make-up effects and temporary tattoos with TEMPTU PRO’s award-winning Dura Palettes and Inks.  Fresh off of creating Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Skeleton look, Dani will be covering professional techniques used in feature films such as Zombieland, Cape Fear and Crybaby and TV shows such as Prison Break, The Sopranos and CSI.

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#5 of TEMPTU PRO’s Top 10 of 2010 Countdown!

December 27, 2010

2010 seems to have been the year of the Temporary Tattoo.  From runway to silver screen our Pro Transfers were everywhere in 2010, which leads us to our number 6 TEMPTU PRO Moment.  #6 TEMPTU PRO “Lucky” Pro Transfer on Kim Cattrall during her Sex and the City 80s flashback. The Sex and the City sequel made a splash (as well as a few waves) with fans.  Whether you loved the film or not, Samantha Jones’ 80s flashback look is certainly something you won’t forget.  Click HERE to get this tattoo for yourself.

#7 of TEMPTU PRO’s Top 10 of 2010 Countdown!

December 25, 2010

For most members of the Colbert Nation, Stephen Colbert’s victory against  Allan Houston of the New York Knicks is a moment they will remember always.  For TEMPTU PRO it’s number seven on our Top 10 of 2010 Countdown.  #7 TEMPTU PRO Temporary Tattoos and Stencils on Stephan Colbert. Colbert’s “guns” have never looked better!

Runway Trend: Temporary Tattoos

September 30, 2010
Temporary tattoos were all over the runways this year! TEMPTU did tattoos for some awesome shows during fashion week….Check out the pics below

TEMPTU backstage at Odd Molly Spring 2011

A combination of the TEMPTU Adorn Temporary Tattoo Kit, TEMPTU PRO Transfers, and custom made tattoos were used.

Wayne Spring 2011

Odd Molly Spring 2011

Odd Molly Spring 2011

Temporary tattoos are such a hot trend right now! They are the easiest way to add some edge to your look without the permanent commitment. You could apply new tattoos to go with each outfit, and simply wipe it off at the end of the day!

They are great for photo shoots when you want to create a different character for each shot.

Temporary tattoos are the new accessory! Use your body as a canvas and express yourself in a new, hip way!

Odd Molly Spring 2011

Check out this video of TEMPTU Pro Tattoo Transfers being used at the Ashton Michael Black Label Spring 2011 Show

Get your hands on these temporary tattoos asap! Or should I say, get these temporary tattoos on you!

Rock star for a day? Samantha Jones does it, it’s your turn….

June 1, 2010

Samantha Jones rocking out on the set of Sex and the City 2. Credit: Anthony Dixon/WENN

Samantha Jones, the bold and sexy character of the hot new film, Sex and the City 2 played by Kim Cattrall lets out her inner punk-rock princess. During the films much buzzed about 80s flashback scenes, Cattrall donned a temporary tattoo by none other than TEMPTU PRO. A company that in 1981 got it’s start with the film Tattoo, a cult classic.

Kim Cattrall wearing a temporary tattoo byTEMPTU PRO on the set of SATC2. Credit: Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

Getting a perm and trying to bring the Walkman fad back probably wouldn’t be the best way to get noticed (in a positive light) these days, a temporary tattoo from TEMPTU or TEMPTU PRO is a great way to infuse a little edge in your look without looking like you’ve gone over the edge!

Click here to purchase a temporary ADORN Tattoo Kit from TEMPTU, or for the actual Pro Transfer Tattoo used in the film you can click here to get it from TEMPTU PRO.

All the gain, none of the pain!

Temptu In OK! Magazine

July 11, 2008

Ok Magazine knows a good thing when it sees it!  Temptu’s Nautical Star Pro Transfer Tattoo was featured in the July Trendspotting Report.  Check it out Here!

A guessing game.

April 17, 2008