Keep it Simple with Red Lips

December 20, 2010

Check out this fun pic of Elle Johnson that I took earlier this year!

Ellen Johnson is an amazing TV writer who is currently working on The Glades and other cool upcoming shows. I had the pleasure of meeting her while I was working on the TV show, Saving Grace. Elle decided that it was time for her to update her publicity pictures…so that’s exactly what we did!

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Runway Trend: Temporary Tattoos

September 30, 2010
Temporary tattoos were all over the runways this year! TEMPTU did tattoos for some awesome shows during fashion week….Check out the pics below

TEMPTU backstage at Odd Molly Spring 2011

A combination of the TEMPTU Adorn Temporary Tattoo Kit, TEMPTU PRO Transfers, and custom made tattoos were used.

Wayne Spring 2011

Odd Molly Spring 2011

Odd Molly Spring 2011

Temporary tattoos are such a hot trend right now! They are the easiest way to add some edge to your look without the permanent commitment. You could apply new tattoos to go with each outfit, and simply wipe it off at the end of the day!

They are great for photo shoots when you want to create a different character for each shot.

Temporary tattoos are the new accessory! Use your body as a canvas and express yourself in a new, hip way!

Odd Molly Spring 2011

Check out this video of TEMPTU Pro Tattoo Transfers being used at the Ashton Michael Black Label Spring 2011 Show

Get your hands on these temporary tattoos asap! Or should I say, get these temporary tattoos on you!

Bold Brows are Back!

September 28, 2010

Time to channel your inner 80’s Material Girl!

Bold brows are back for the season!

Thin and over plucked brows are out totally out! Say hello to thick, Brooke Shields-esque brows, that were seen all over the runways for Fall & Spring!

Brows are extremely important when creating a makeup look. Bold brows define the character of the face.

Tip: An attempt for bold brows can easily go wrong – First you want to make sure your eyebrows are groomed – Thick brows = yes, Uni-brow = NO!

The most important thing to remember is to always use an eyebrow color that is one shade lighter than your natural color. This will create a natural, more modern look that does not look out-dated.

Check out the TEMPTU PRO S/B Airbrow Set to help you achieve flawless, natural looking, fierce brows!

Match those brows with sexy, bold red lips and you’re ready for your close-up!


September 17, 2010

“The Wayne Spring Summer 2011 girl is like Pris, the Replicant, in Bladerunner; she’s smart, strong and dangerous, yet also a delicate and vulnerable flower” explains Wayne Lee.

Just as the character Pris airbrushed herself in the film, the TEMPTU team along with Key makeup artist Danielle Fonseca, airbrushed the models to create a “fresh natural look with presence.” Wayne also chooses to incorporate TEMPTU’s custom temporary tattoos as body art for some of the pieces of the collection. The tattoos added edge and at the same time a delicate floral essence to each piece, another reference to Bladerunner.

*  TEMPTU AIR pod Foundation on the skin for overall minimal, even tone and soft finish.
*  TEMPTU AIR pod Highlighter in Champagne on the upper cheek line and brow bone for a strobe, shimmer effect

* TEMPTU AIR pod in All Over Bronzer (new in Spring 2011) on eyelid
TEMPTU PRO S/B specialized mix of Natural Blonde, Deep Taupe and Champagne Shimmer airbrushed in crease

* TEMPTU AIR pod Blush in Peony (new in Spring 2011) on the apples of the cheek for soft flush

TEMPTU PRO S/B in Raspberry airbrushed in the center of the lips for a subtle naturally bitten lip look

*  TEMPTU partnered with New York Artist Hope Gangloff to create custom temporary tattoo transfers for the body. The designs are Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants that grew out of the collaboration between Wayne Lee and Hope Gangloff for the Spring Collection fabrics and designs.

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Look to Max Azria for Spring Looks

September 16, 2010


Max Azria’s Spring 2011 Runway show highlighted a super casual, soft, and fresh makeup look, sure to be a hit for the Spring.  Designed by makeup artist Lisa Butler and carried out by the TEMPTU PRO team, see below for the details!

The desired look for the show was to produce angelic-looking, youthful girls. The makeup was soft to compliment the collection which was made up of soft and muted peaches and creams.

“On the skin, we’re using a silicone and water hybrid, brush-on foundation called TEMPTU RETOUCH FOUNDATION to cancel out any redness and give a fresh, dewy look,” explained Lisa Butler.

To achieve a heavenly glow, makeup artists brushed the TEMPTU RETOUCH HIGHLIGHTER in Pink Pearl a little bit higher than the model’s natural cheekbones. They also used the same color on the model’s arms, legs, and décolletage to add a nice sheen.

To finish off the look, they added a peach blush just below the apples of the cheeks and left the lips and eyes bare.

Nothing to it! A beautiful soft and simple look that is totally wearable and easy to recreate!

Angela Kinsey on the Red Carpet

September 3, 2010

The Emmy Awards were this past Sunday, and Angela Kinsey looked gorgeous!

I swear every year gets better and better!

The man that’s in the picture with me below, is Theodore Leaf. Theodore does Angela’s hair and we really make a great team. Teamwork is key to me in the business, and on days like the Emmy’s, I actually prefer to work with the hair stylist at the same time so the look comes to life all at once!

Tip of the week: Concealer: Blend, Blend, Blend!

I am a total blender! Blending is the key to perfect color match! You never want it to be obvious that someone has concealer on.

Here are my steps to flawless skin:

  • First I fill my airbrush with TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation #004 and #006.
  • Then I spray some of the foundation onto my palette, to mix it with my concealer – this gets me the closest color match possible
  • Next, I apply the concealer where it’s needed and I blend it out to make sure there are no brush strokes (everything shows up on HD!)
  • Once I’m done concealing, I airbrush the foundation
  • To complete the look, I dusted TEMPTU PRO Invisible Difference Powder ONE and perfecto!

Amazing, flawless skin!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Till next week!    Kristina Duff – Guest Blogger and Hollywood Makeup Artist

Emmy Time!

August 27, 2010


It’s Emmy weekend, and I’m always excited about doing Angela Kinsey from NBC’s The Office. This will be my 4th year with her. As always, I will be airbrushing her to perfection using TEMPTU PRO S/B.


When creating red carpet beauties, always color match the face to the shoulder for the popular pose of peeking over the shoulder!

For me, this includes a beautiful highlight on the shoulder, arm and décolleté. I love TEMPTU PRO S/B in Champagne Shimmer and sometimes I mix White Shimmer and Gold Shimmer depending on the color palette I have in mind.

Have a fabulous weekend and find Angela Kinsey on the red carpet when watching the 2010 Emmys!

Kristina Duff, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Guest Blogger